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Welcome To Wave Computing:


Wave Computing is a software development company based in Perth, Western
Australia. It specializes in the development of systems using Microsoft
.NET and applications which can run over company intranets and the internet.

Wave Computing has developed a number of applications for businesses in
Western Australia including stock management, order processing and
invoicing systems as well as web based ordering and product catalogues.

Contact Information:


Mobile: 0405 525 740

Email: charles@wavecomputing.com

On The Web: www.wavecomputing.com

Please contact us within development hours 8:30-5:30 Weekdays.

If You would like any .Net work done please don't hesitate to contact us using the above details. We also have considerable development experience in the following applications.:

  • Visual Basic and C# Applications
  • ASP.and ASP.NET applications
  • Web Applications and Web Page Design
  • Java
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PHP and MySQL

Wave Computing
Estabablished: February 2003


Founding: Focused on producing .Net applications which can successfully run over the internet.

Also- producing order management systems for small companies.


Developed code generators to speed up the production of common database tasks...

Next Generation IT Systems

Wave Computing is a Ltd company: We produce systems, and provide support for applications which run over the internet or boost the productivity and usability of a site, database or network...

Our aim in this site is to provide prospective customers with an understanding of our products and to provide clients with any information they may need to further of their program.



More Information on Microsoft Business Management:

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